Project Feasibility & Development:

Whether it’s a site assessment for construction of a new home, a review of existing building/site conditions for expansion, or reconfiguration/upgrades; we will work with you to identify the best options available considering all variables – topography, property lines, utility locations, building restrictions, architectural and structural requirements, systems integration, space planning and programming, and sustainability. We can identify and coordinate the necessary team members to oversee required project disciplines or work with your current consultants.

Some general considerations for new home construction and additions/renovations include but are not limited to:

New Home Considerations:
  • What is the best possible location to site the House?
  • What utilities are available to service the house?
  • What impact does the design have on construction cost?
  • How can maintenance and required care be minimized?
  • How can systems efficiency be maximized?
  • What are the most cost effective exterior and interior finish options to achieve the intended look and use?
Addition/Renovation Considerations
  • Do you plan to occupy the home during construction?
  • Will existing systems support the addition of new space?
  • Will the existing structure support the planned modifications/addition?
  • How close are utility locations/connections (well, septic, electric, gas, propane, etc.) to the proposed addition?
  • What are the property set-backs?
  • What impact does the design have on construction cost?
Design & Planning Process:

We begin with the end in mind by defining project parameters upfront: Budget Limitations, Space Requirements and Intended Use, and Anticipated Timeframes for Start and Finish. Setting realistic project goals and outlining a clear understanding of how to reach them is the key to creating a unified partnership and completing a successful project.

Steps in the Planning Process:
  • Identify the “Need” Requirements (size and use of space, location, adjacencies)
  • Define Budget Guidelines to Focus on the Best Possible Return
  • Coordinate Appropriate Project Experts – Architectural, Design, Engineering, Trade Subcontractors, Landscaping, Multi-media, Security, etc.
  • Establish Project Partnerships and Outline Goals
  • Create a Timeline for All Disciplines with Specific Deadlines
  • Prepare Schematic Plans and Elevations as the basis for Design Development
  • Review and Communicate Means & Methods
  • Produce a Preliminary Project Cost Estimate based on Schematic Plans & Elevations to Confirm Budget Assumptions
Project Oversight & Implementation:

We assign a team of resources to every project, large or small. Our Project Manager is responsible for developing the project estimate and identifying the overall scope of work required based on review of plans, identification of project specifications and Owner selections, and evaluation of site conditions. From this review, the Project Manager also outlines a schedule of sequenced tasks with anticipated durations for completion of the project. Owners interface directly with the Project Manager over a variety of communication formats including weekly on site progress meetings and regular emails.

Our Project Manager works together with our Project Superintendent to ensure that all information is clearly conveyed and understood for onsite implementation and coordination with our team of subcontractors and suppliers. The Project Superintendent oversees all field set-up, production, layout, sequencing and coordination of all activities; resource scheduling; installation requirements; and ensures quality of work and site safety.

We have skilled in-house staff members experienced in assisting with project oversight as well as performing finish carpentry and general site related tasks including operating equipment.

Our subcontractor, vendor and material supplier relationships extend over a 35 year history. We value these relationships and the understanding and ability to meet our expectations when it comes to “fit and finish”, scheduling, quality of work, and overall level of service.

Service/Estate Maintenance

Roughly eight years ago at the request of our clients, we started an Annual Service/Maintenance Program. Whether a seasonal routine or specific request, we schedule resources weekly to address everyday service and maintenance needs ranging from gutter cleaning to trim repair in order to keep the interior and exterior of your home looking and operating as good as new.

We take great pride in helping you care for “our work” to ensure that it continues to return the enjoyment and value you deserve. Service requests are performed by our staff and/or coordinated with our subcontractor and vendor partners, as needed depending on the scope of work required.

To learn more about how we can help you care for your home, please contact